League Rules

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§1 League Information

§1.1 Introduction

TPG League is offered for Valve Software's game Day of Defeat 1.3. The goal of this league is to provide an environment that is both enjoyable to the new gamer, yet also provides a challenge for those players who have a substantial amount of league experience.

§1.2 Definitions

Owner- The person who is the Owner of the organization which registered the league team on the website.

Captain - The Player listed on the team profile as the Captain. This person will be held responsible for the team's actions before, during, and immediately after a match. If the Captain does not participate in a match, then any players(s) who type "ready" to start either half of play will be designated as acting captain for the entire match and be held responsible for any and all team violations that occur at any point during the match.

Scheduler - The Scheduler is responsible for setting up a match. The team Captain and Owner may designate up to two Schedulers on the team roster by clicking "Manage Team Roster" under the Team Panel box on this website. All information pertaining to the match being scheduled should be exchanged via the TPG Scheduler, located on the TPG League website. The TPG Scheduler is the only official form of inter-team communication.

Reporter - The team Reporter is able to report match scores and file disputes. The team Captain and Owner may designate up to one Reporter on the team roster by clicking "Manage Team Roster" under the Team Panel box on this website.

Privileged Player - The team Owner, Captain, Schedulers and Reporter are considered privileged team players in regard to the TPG League website.

TPG Scheduler - The system used by teams to contact opponents via the TPG League website, to schedule matches. The TPG Scheduler link can be found by clicking the link titled "Season Matches" under the Team Panel box.

Pending Queue/Opponent Pending - When an odd number of teams are active within a division, the odd team out will not receive an automatic bye win. Instead, this team will be placed into the Pending Queue for its division. Once two teams are added to the Pending Queue, they will both be scheduled together automatically and emails will be dispatched to all Privileged Players on both teams.

Cheating - Cheating includes, but is not limited to: the use of any outside programs that aids in the visual location of players on a map; scripting; the use of any outside programs that aids in targeting players on a map; custom sounds, or rates outside the standard allowable range; adding, deleting, or modifying player and/or environment models and/or skins.

Players are prohibited from binding any action in conjunction with +attack. Also, players may not bind +attack to mwheelup or mwheeldown to accelerate shooting weapons faster than they are intended to be. Players may also not bind +duck to mwheelup or mwheeldown.

Weapon spawning to bypass TPG class limitations is illegal.

Note: The use of stopsound is legal.

Demo - A first person recording of an entire half of match play, created by using the console command record. Every player is required to record one demo per half of play.

Half - The 20 minute period of time beginning when the half of play goes live, and ending when time expires.

Overtime - Two additional halves of play, with a shortened defined period of time.

Ineligible Player - Any player not on a team's roster, during regular and post season play. A player on a team roster with no Steam ID listed, or an incorrect Steam ID listed, is considered ineligible during regular and post season play. Players suspended from league play are ineligible to play in league matches regardless of their in-game handle or Steam ID.

Match - The completion of two halves of play, each team playing one half as Allies, and one half as Axis. In the event of a tie, an overtime session will be played.

Match Time - includes the warm-up period leading up to a match, half-time while on a match server and the time immediately after a match while a player is connected to a match server.

Player - A single person associated with a single Steam ID.

Roster - The listing of a team's Players, which include each player's name, game handle, and Steam ID, as posted on the TPG League website.

Screenshot (SS) - The image created by using the console command snapshot, or by pressing the key bound to snapshot, or defined in the keyboard options as take screenshot.

RCON STATUS Screenshot - A screenshot created by the SNAPSHOT command showing each participating players' handle, Steam ID, and IP address. This is created by using the console commands RCON STATUS then SNAPSHOT.

Multi-Teaming - Being on the roster of more than one team, in a single league, at the same time.

Client Variable (Cvar) - A client-side command used in the game console, or config files.

Server Variable (Svar) - A server-side command used by the game server.

Probation - Players that are on probation will receive double the ban/suspension length for the offense committed.

Playoff Formula - Teams will receive/lose the following points for each of the following:

Win = 3 Points
Loss = 1 Point
Bye = 1 Point
FF Win = 0 Points
Late registration/Missed Matches = 0 Points
FF Loss = -2 Points

Tie Breaker:
Matches Played
Head-to-head tie breaker
Least forfeit losses
Least forfeit wins
Least Losses

Teams that are moved up to a higher division keep 1/2 of the points they earned before the move up. Teams that are moved down to a lower division keep all of the points they earned before being moved down.

§2 Player Information

§2.1 Player Names

All players must use their tag and handle as listed on the TPG League website during match play. If no handle is listed, the player must use the name listed on the League website.

Players' names including, but not limited to, the following content will not be permitted: profanity, bigotry or hate against any race, sex, or religious group; drug use and other content deemed inappropriate by the League.

§2.2 Custom File Content

Only default game files may be used, unless explicitly approved or provided by TPG League.

The use of the file customXHair.spr to obtain a custom crosshair is permitted in TPG matches, except when using the sniper rifle. Using a custom crosshair for the sniper scope is not permitted.

§2.3 Custom Game Content

§2.3.1 Client Config

Players rates must be between the following values during match play:

rate - 50000 to maximum value
cl_cmdrate - 80 to maximum value
cl_updaterate - 80 to maximum value

ex_interp - 0.01 to 0.03

developer 0

§2.3.2 Cvars

Only commands and Cvars approved by TPG League may be used in the game console or config files. No Cvar may be altered from its default value, except via the use of the game options menu, or unless explicitly approved by the TPG League.

If you are concerned about a certain cvar, please file a Support Ticket.

Altering any CVAR below will be considered cheating.
cl_bob 0.005
cl_bobcycle .8
cl_bobup 0.5
gl_monolights “0″
m_pitch “0.022000″
m_side “0.8″
m_yaw “0.022″
s_a3d “0

Altering other cvars that were not approved by TPG will be handled on a case by case basis.

§2.4 Information & Evidence Request

Any information requested by TPG staff must be provided in its entirety within 24 hours of the request.

§2.5 Multi-Teaming & Multiple Accounts

Players may not be members of more than one team at the same time, within the same game, within TPG League.

Players may not create multiple accounts or use more than one Steam ID to attempt to join multiple teams' rosters at the same time.

A player may not participate in more than one match of play for a given week of play.

§2.6 VAC Bans

Being VAC Banned in *HL1* will result in the following:

First Vac Ban: Player will be suspended from TPG for the remainder of the season.
Second Vac Ban: 1 year suspension.
Third Vac Ban: 30 year suspension.

*Players that get VAC Banned in between seasons will be suspended for the upcoming TPG Season.

§3 Team Information

§3.1 Participation in the League

Any team interested in participating in TPG League should create a team via the TPG League website. To be scheduled for match play, a team's roster must consist of a minimum of six players. Rosters remain unlocked during preseason.

Any team having two or more persons suspended during the same season, due to cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct MAY be removed from league play for the duration of the current season.

Teams joining the league after the completion of week four(five for 10 week season) of regular season will not be eligible for post season play.

TPG League reserves the right to remove teams from the league at the discretion of the league.

§3.2 Rosters

Rosters will lock 24 hours prior to the scheduled match day and time. Players may not join a roster while rosters are locked, but leaving rosters is permitted.

Once rosters permanently lock after week 4, teams will be allowed a 1 time addition up through week 6 where you can add 1 player to your roster. Once week 6 default match time passes, no players will be allowed to join a roster.

Additions to teams must be approved by TPG - Sand Bagging will not be allowed.

Team rosters will be locked for the duration of the season prior to the completion of week four. This will prevent players on losing teams from jumping to teams that are sure to make the playoffs.

TPG Admins will not change or correct Steam ID's when team rosters are locked. Ensuring rosters are accurate and up to date is the responsibility of teams and not the TPG Admins. In case an issue arises from our website which prevents Players from joining teams or changing Steam IDs before the rosters officially lock for that week, then the deadline for support ticket requests concerning roster or Steam ID changes is whenever rosters are officially set to lock for that week. Submitting a roster-related support ticket before the deadline does not guarantee that the request will be approved by your match time.

*Players can change their Steam ID once per season after rosters have locked (by opening a support ticket) as long as we can verify it is the same person via player IP and player is not Vac Banned in the hl1 engine.

§3.3 Team Names

Team names including, but not limited to the following content will not be permitted: profanity, bigotry, or hate to any race, sex, or religious group; drug use, and other content deemed inappropriate by the League.

Requests to change a team's name or tag must be submitted via the support ticket system.

§4 Match Information

§4.1 Scheduling

The default day and time for all matches is Sunday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

All team are expected to follow the set TPG map rotation.

All information pertaining to the match being scheduled should be exchanged via the TPG Scheduler, located on the TPG website under the heading "Season Matches".

Both Captains and team Owners may partake in team scheduling. Captains and Owners may designate an additional two players to become team schedulers on the TPG website by clicking "Manage Team Roster" under their Team Panel.

Teams whose opponents have failed to attempt to contact them via the TPG Scheduler before TWENTY FOUR hours of the default match time will be eligible to give their opponent a forfeit loss for the week and automatically reschedule themselves into the Pending Queue so that they may play an active team in their division. If another team in the same division is already in the Pending Queue, then both teams will be automatically scheduled together. Teams whose opponents are considered inactive leading up to a match are encouraged to make use of this feature.

Submitting and then deleting requests before they are accepted or declined by their opponent will not count as an attempted contact; some form of proposal must either remain active or be accepted or declined.

Teams who are marked inactive and given a forfeit loss are allowed to file a support ticket to request immediate reactivation and rescheduling against the next available team.

Matches that need to be rescheduled must be played within three days, Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST, of the default day and time.

***The only exception to this rule is for TPG playoff matches. You cannot take a FF win in the playoffs. If the default sunday does not work, and no time can become agreed upon during the week, then the following Sunday becomes the new default.(Note: This only applies if there is no agreed upon time in Match Comm)

§4.1.1 Pending Queue

Teams added to the Pending Queue will have "Opponent Pending" listed on the weekly schedule instead of an opponent. This is not a bye week. Teams in the Pending Queue may be scheduled against any opponent in their division at any time leading up to the default match date and time (Sunday, 9:00 PM Eastern Time). Once scheduled, both teams will be informed of this via email. Teams will then use the TPG Scheduler to finalize their match date, time, and server location. It is important to begin this process the moment your team is scheduled from Pending Queue, since you will generally have less than 24 hours with which to schedule your match.

If your team is in the Pending Queue with less than 24 hours until the default match date and time, and you know that your team will not be able to play that week at the default date and time, then a privileged member of your team is encouraged to contact a TPG admin and inform him that your team wishes to be removed from Pending Queue for that week.

Teams who are not scheduled nor are in Pending Queue for a given week will simply not have any match recorded for them upon completion of that week. Teams who remain in Pending Queue may be eligible for receiving a bye win for that week if (and only if) a privileged member of the team reports at the default match start date and time and contacts a TPG admin, assuming no other teams in their division are waiting for a match opponent. The bye win will be awarded if no teams in your division are available for reschedule by 9:20 PM Eastern Time.

Bye wins will count as a forfeit win and may decrease your team's chances of making playoffs.

§4.2 Player Eligibility

Players must use the Steam ID indicated on their team's roster for match play. If a player uses a game handle that is different from the roster, their opponent should be made aware of the change. Player eligibility should be verified before match time by both teams. Matches may be suspended until player eligibility can be verified.

Teams who have RCON control must take an RCON STATUS screen shot before the match. In the event that screenshots are to be provided to a league admin, player eligibility can be further checked through IP matching to prevent a player from avoiding the roster lock or playing while suspended on a different Steam ID.

Matches are to be played 6v6.

Note: TPG League requires a team roster consisting of six or more eligible players to keep a team active in league play.

§4.3 Voice Communication

Only team Captains are allowed to use public in-game messaging (messagemode1/mm1) during match time. This rule also applies when dead.

Use of team voice communication programs (TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, etc.) is completely acceptable and recommended.

§4.4 Match Screen Shots

Before each half starts, the screenshot rules must be observed. The Captain of the team who has control of the server must take an RCON STATUS screenshot. To do this type "Rcon Status in console, once all the names, steamIDs, and IP address appear, quickly type "SNAPSHOT" to obtain a screenshot of this information.

Both team Captains must verify the Steam IDs of all players in the server by typing STATUS in console.

A valid screenshot must include all of the following elements:

  • Scoreboard must be showing.
  • Primary weapon must be out (snipers must take two, 1 scoped and 1 unscoped).
  • Mini-map must be enabled using the console command cl_minimap 2 .
  • Netgraph must be turned on using the console command net_graph 3 .
  • At least one friendly and one opposing player model must be in view.

All players must a take a screenshot at the end of each half showing the final scores for that half. If a player leaves the half early then he must take a screenshot showing the scoreboard and net_graph 3 before exiting.

If any of the above elements are missing from the screenshot it will not be considered a valid screenshot. You must repeat the above procedure for each half of play.

If you (re-)join the match after it is live, you must take a screenshot in your spawn immediately. Player models are not required to be in view for these in-spawn screenshots.

§4.5 Match Process

A 10 minute grace period is provided prior to match beginning. The grace period is not an extended warm-up period. If both teams have the agreed upon number of players on a match server at anytime between 9:00 Eastern and 9:10 Eastern then match must begin immediately.

After completing the first half of the game, teams are allowed a 5 minute break.

A cease-fire should be observed during half-time. Teams should refrain from disruptive behavior during half-time (i.e. grenade-spamming opponents' spawn area).

Summary of match procedure:

  • Both teams enter server
  • Team ping is verified
  • Steam ID's are verified
  • HLTV delay is verified to be set at a minimum 120 seconds (STATUS in console)
  • Servers team Captain must take a Rcon Status shot
  • Players begin their individual demos
  • The league config is executed
  • Any waiver of rules is verified and documented in-game
  • Cease-fire is in effect allowing teams to meet at the center of map for individual player Screenshots.
  • Match half is played
  • Players stop their individual half demos
  • Repeat for the second half of play.

In the event of a tie at the end of both halves of play, two 5 minute overtime half must be played. Each overtime half will consist of each team playing one half as allies and the second as axis.

§4.6 Match Results

Upon conclusion of a match, team Captains are to verify the final score. Either team may report the final score for the match (combined scores total of all halves played) using the "Report" link found via the "Season Matches" panel of the website.

Do not report official match results to the league via the league forums, steam or email.

If there is an issue in reporting scores, or scores have been reported incorrectly, the team captain must file a support ticket.

§4.7 Forfeits

Forfeits must be reported using the "Report" link found in the "Season Matches" panel. If your team is awarded a forfeit win (by either team) before the default match date for that week, then your team will automatically be placed in the Pending Queue for automatic rescheduling.

For a team to recieve a ff win, they must first have accepted or proposed a match time via TPG Match Comm. If both teams have agreed on a match time both teams must join the server at accepted time. If the other team does not have enough players after 20 minutes, the team with enough players must take a screenshot of scoreboard showing their entire team in the server. This is to help you prove that you did show up and they didn't. At that time the team may leave and report a FF win. The other team does NOT have to allow you to use a RINGER. A screenshot of them agreeing is the best way to prove they allowed the ringer.

Any team receiving a forfeit loss during regular season will be set inactive and must file a support ticket to be reactivated for league play. Any team receiving two or more forfeit losses during a single season may be removed from the league.

If a team has a FF Win/Loss, you can make up the match with the team you were originally scheduled to play or any team in your division that also has a FF Win/Loss for that same week/map.

If there is no one to make the match up with (no other team has a FF Win/Loss in your division), you may request your match be changed to a bye by submitting a support ticket.

§4.8 Quitting the Match

If an entire team quits from the server once the half has gone live but before the half has ended, then the match will be considered over. The team who remained in the server will keep their score up to that point, and the team who quit the match will be scored as having 0 points for the entire match.

Should a team drop under 5 players during the first half of play, they have until the end of the half to have their players reconnect. The second half may not start with less than 5 players.

§5 Server Information

§5.1 Designated Server Usage

Servers used for league matches must be in the United States, unless both teams agree on a server in a different location. Any variation must be documented via the TPG Scheduler.

All Servers must be dedicated (i.e. non-listening) and on a T1 or better connection (no DSL or cable modems).

Servers used for league matches must be set to record server logs.

The team listed on the schedule as the "home" team has choice of server usage for both halves. The away team has choice of which side to join first.

The home team may choose to use the away team's server, if they wish. In this case, the away team still has choice of sides.

Team Captains (or other privileged team player) should enter their server details into their team's properties. This can be found from the "Team Panel" menu on the left of this website. If a team does or does not have a server then it should be specified in their team properties (updated weekly if the situation should change).

If your team does not specify that your server is available for match play by the time your team is scheduled for a given week of play, then it will not be available for match play regardless of who the home team is; the server selected via the TPG Scheduler's drop-down box will become the official designated server for that match of play.

Server details entered into the TPG Scheduler comments field are not official for match play.

§5.2 Server Configuration

The server configuration file is subject to change at any time. Teams are responsible for ensuring they have the most current and up to date server config uploaded.

§5.3 Ping Imbalance

In the event that the home team's choice of server results in an average team ping imbalance that is consistently greater than or equal to 40 milliseconds (ms), then the match will be played on the away team's choice of server. If the away team cannot produce a server that fixes the ping imbalance for both teams, then the match is to be rescheduled. A Screenshot must be taken to document the ping imbalance using the F12 feature, so that it goes to your steam profile and can easily be viewed right away by a TPG Admin.

South American/European teams that are in a North American division waive their rights to Ping Imbalance.

§5.4 Server Crashes

In the event the server crashes, the game must be restarted and played with the same score and same amount of time remaining. No player substitutions may be made at this time. All players must take pre-game screenshots again.

In the event the server cannot be restarted, the game must be suspended and team hosting the match, must make a support ticket.

§5.5 Anti-Cheat Software & Server Admin Module

Valve's Anti-cheat (VAC) Security Module must be running on a server used for an official TPG match. Other third party anti-cheat programs are not allowed.

Other prohibited plugins include parachute, medic, flamethrower, and similar plugins that would change the default style gameplay. Such plugins may be installed on the server, but they must be disabled during match play.

§5.6 Half-Life TV (HLTV)

Team-sponsored HLTV servers MUST be used during matches. The hosting team must give the IP and password info to the opposing team upon their request. The opposing team should request a copy of the HLTV demo before the match goes live. A time delay of 120 seconds must be used. The HLTV must be set to record and cannot be removed regardless if both teams agree.

HLTV demos must be submitted with all cheating disputes. TPG reserves the right to request the HLTV demos from the hosting team regardless if there is a dispute or not. Failure to produce the match HLTV will result in a week suspension for the Captain or Acting Captain.

Server owners must also keep HLTV's For 1 week after the match has been played. TPG may pull HLTV demos throughout that week.

§6 Disputes

§6.1 Disputes

All disputes must be filed within 24 hours of match completion. Disputes can only be submitted by team owners, leaders, or designated match reporters.

Players have 24 hours to upload requested match information. The 24 hours shall begin when an email has been sent to player(s) email, requesting match information.

Teams may file two cheating disputes in the regular season and one cheating dispute in the post-season. If a disputed player is guilty of cheating, the disputing team will not be charged with a dispute.

Teams may dispute up to 2 people in 1 match (*Only if they have 2 disputes available*). You must create separate tickets for EACH dispute. Submitting 1 dispute with 2 players will result in only the first person being disputed.

When creating a support ticket, you must include your game handle, and team information. If this is a cheating ticket, you must include the players Steam ID,game handle and a link to the end round screenshots. If you are the hosting team a link to the rcon status is required at the time of creating ticket. Please include all information that would help in your case, the more information we have the easier and faster it is to resolve the ticket for you. Here is an example ticket format to use.

I (player) from (team name) would like to dispute (player) ; (steam_id) from (team name) for (dispute info).

End round screenshots "Link to screenshots here"

Rcon status Screenshots "Link to rcon status here"

HLTV Demos "Link to hltv demos here"

That is a proper format for creating a support ticket. Tickets not filled out properly will be closed.

§6.2 Appeals

Appeals may be requested by submitting a Support Ticket. The Head Admin, Senior Admin, and Head AC Admin will review the case and determine if the ruling was fair and just. If there was any negligence in the handling of the dispute, the dispute will be re-evaluated.

If you were suspended by a previous Head Admin/Head AC Admin for cheating, you may submit an appeal request to have the demos re-evaluated by the current Admin and AC Team. The suspension will then reflect the findings of the re-evaluation.

For suspensions that end during the next/upcoming TPG Season, the suspension length will be reduced so you may participate for the entire season IF the following conditions are met:

  1. FIRST time offenders ONLY. For 2nd offense +, players will serve their entire suspension regardless if it ends during the next season.
  2. The Original suspension length must be for at least 6 months long or longer and will not apply towards suspensions that are less than 6 months long.
  3. The suspension is set to expire during the actual season (up to week 8) and not during or after the Playoffs.

Players who receive reduced suspensions will be on probation. The probation period will be until the day the suspension was to originally expire. Players that are on probation will receive double the ban/suspension length for the offense committed.

Probation definition is in rule 1.2

You may only appeal each suspension only once. Submitting multiple appeals for the same suspension will be automatically closed.

When submitting your appeal, please specify what kind of appeal you are making (IE Re-evaluation or Reduced sentence).

§6.3 Scrim/12 man Disputes

In the event of submitting HLTV demos of scrims/12mans, players must first watch the HLTV demo and provide the TPG-AC with timestamps of why you feel a certain player is cheating. This is done through the Support Ticket System. Tickets without information will be closed.

§7 Violations

Code of Conduct

All players and teams are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct. Any action by an individual player, or action by a collection of players from the same Team, found to be in violation of the code of conduct by league administrators can result in disciplinary action by the league.

§7.1 Acceptable Team/Player Names

Team and/or players names including, but not limited to, the following content will not be permitted: profanity, bigotry or hate to any race, sex, or religious group; drug use and other content deemed inappropriate by the league.

§7.2 Acceptable Player Conduct

The use of vulgar, bigoted or profane speech, or harassment of players/teams and league administrators will not be tolerated. This includes any and all TPG communication methods/Interactions with TPG (i.e. emails, support tickets, match communication messages and submitted evidence).

Any player found crashing and/or spamming vents, servers or sending packets to a player, will be removed from the league permanently.

Teams that knowingly and willingly allow suspended players to join their roster will be removed from the league, and all players on that team may be suspended. This same punishment also applies if a team lets a suspended player use one of their member's steam accounts.

1. Impersonating a TPG Admin will result in a 3 Month Suspension.

a. This includes:

i. Taking up a TPG Admin’s Name and pretending to be them.

ii. Claiming to be a TPG Admin when you are not one.

iii. Claiming a TPG Admin said something to you or gave you permission to do something when they did not.

Using TPG's FTP (without TPG's Consent) to share your personal files is not allowed and will result in the offending users being blocked/banned if necessary.

§7.3 Acceptable In-game conduct

In-game activity includes the warm-up period leading up to a match, half-time while on a match server and the time immediately after a match while a player is connected to a match server.

While In-game, players are to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, with maturity and respect. Any player(s) or team(s) found in violation of the code of conduct, as stated above, will be disciplined as follows:

Players will be suspended from participation in the league based on the level of the infraction at TPG Administration's discretion.

§7.4 Match Infractions

Listed below are common match violations and typical league remedies. These are guidelines only and the league may require more or less stringent remedies on a case by case basis. The league reserves the right to review rules violations whether or not a team files a formal dispute.

Failure to employ proper server config:

Half must be immediately stopped and replayed after voicing objection on mm1. If no objections are raised by the end of the match then the results will stand.

Failure to play the scheduled map:

The match will be overturned to a double FF and will not be able to be made up. Also, team captains or acting captains will receive a 2 week suspension.

Illegal rates:

Players may not go below the minimum approved values. Players receive a warning on the first offense (could be 1 half or 2) and if the half the player used illegal rates in, is within 1 cap(40 points) then that half will be replayed.

Upon the second infraction, player will be suspended for a minimum of one game. If the half the player used illegal rates in, is within 1 cap(40 points) then that half will be replayed.

Playing while suspended:
The suspended Player will receive 200% of the original suspension time added to the current suspension length. Permission granted by the opposing team for the suspended Player to participate will not nullify this rule.
Individual suspensions may be given on a case by case basis by any admin if the rule violator is deemed to have done it with purpose and disregard for the TPG rules.

Steam account trading:

Any player found to have traded their Steam ID to another player in order to bypass the Steam ID check, will receive a 1 month suspension for both parties involved. The match will be overturned.

Inappropriate use of mm1:

TPG admins will review each case separately and determine what, if any, remedy is required for each situation. (The use of any profanity, bigotry or hate against any race, sex, or religious group towards any player will result in the said players being punished.)
Voice Commands and Hand Signals will be considered MM1. Excessive use of these functions will result in a 1 week suspension. Excessive shall be defined as more than twice by a player in one match.

Player(s) are documented to have cheated in a TPG match:

Loss of match to offending team and ban of player from the league.

Players(s) are documented to have cheated in a sanctioned match of another league:

TPG reserves the right to request demos, server logs and/or HLTV of banned players for consideration by TPG.

Player(s) caught using a map exploit:

Minimum 2 game suspension and match overturned.

Player(s) involved in excessive boosting:

If more than 2 players of a team are involved in a boost, they will each receive a 2 game suspension and the half(s) will be replayed or the team will receive 0 points for the half.

Weapon spawning:

Dropping("spawning") weapons during the execution of a config or after a cap to intentionally bypass TPG class limitations is illegal. Any half in which a player of your team is discovered to be spawning weapons, your team will be given a score of 0 for that half.

Player fails to record valid demo(s):

Failing to record a valid demo for one half will result in a three month suspension.
Failing to record a valid demo for both halves will result in a six month suspension.
Failing to provide any valid demo(s) will result in a loss for your team.
Partial or corrupt demo(s) will be considered as invalid demo(s).
Upon second infraction of this rule, player(s) in question will at a minimum, be suspended for one year.
If a player fails to record, we will review the HLTV. If we do not ban the player for cheating/clear him, he will receive a reduced sentence (half the time 1.5 months per demo).
If a player does not submit anything and is found cheating via the HLTV, they receive 1 yr (if it's their first offense) for cheating and 6 months for failing to submit demos.
If a player fails to record AND we don't receive the HLTV - The Captain is suspended for failure to submit hltv and disputed player receives the full 6 month suspension.

Player fails to take valid screenshot(s):

Players will receive a warning on the first offense.
If a player submits all 4 ss's, but something is missing/not showing, they will be warned on the first offense and will not be suspended.
  1. Net Graph
  2. Axis Model
  3. Allies Model
  4. Scope (if you are the sniper)
  5. Scoreboard
  6. Mini Map
If a player is only missing 1 ss's they will received a warning on the first offense
  1. Applies only towards missing end round SS. Does not apply towards a pre-game SS.
  2. Missing 2 or more SS's will result in player being suspended for the appropriate amount of time. No warnings will be given.
Upon 2nd offense of any of the above (Even if the player did not qualify for a warning the first time), players will be suspended.
Player fails to take and submit valid screenshot(s):
Failing to submit 1 valid screenshot will result in a one (1) game suspension.
Failing to submit 2 valid screenshot will result in a two (2) game suspension.
Failing to submit 3 valid screenshot will result in a three (3) game suspension.
Failing to submit 4 valid screenshot will result in a four (4) game suspension.
Failing to submit any screenshot will result in an automatic loss for your team.
Upon second infraction of this rule, the payer in question MAY be suspended for the duration of the current season.

Server Captain fails to take an RCON STATUS screenshot:

Captain will receive a warning on the first offense and must submit server logs from the match. If the server logs are not submitted as well, the captain will received a 1 game suspension.
Use of spectator:
Once a match has gone live the use of spectator is deemed illegal. Any player found to be using spectator to avoid the spawn timer will be suspended for one week and the offending player's team will lose all points for that half. Excessive spec hopping(More than once) will result in a FF loss.
*Note: The only exception to this rule is if a player has been grenaded at the moment of a full map capture.

Failure to produce server logs:

Failure to produce requested server logs will result in a one game suspension of team Captain.

Mutual violations:

If both teams in a given match are determined to have violated the rules during a match (i.e. "off-setting penalties"), TPG reserves the right to give forfeit losses out to each team involved or request that the match be replayed. Rule violations do not have to be "equal" for this option to be enforced.

Use of an Illegal Bind:

Binding +attack to mwheelup or mwheeldown to accelerate shooting weapons faster than they are intended to be and/or Binding +duck to mwheelup or mwheeldown will result in player receiving a 3 week suspension.

Use of an Illegal Script:

Using a script to gain an unfair advantage will result in player being suspended for 1 year.

§7.5 Exploitations/Roofing

Map manipulation which involves gaining access to areas outside of the standard map limits is considered illegal. This includes any area in which the player is not surrounded on all sides by visible map models or textures. Sky walking, or any area in which the player is backed up against "invisible walls" is illegal.

If you have questions about restricted areas of a particular map, please contact a TPG admin before match time.

Player boosting is allowed; so as long as the area being boosted into is an area that is accessable without boosting . Example; Anzio double windows in plaza, you can get to this area via sun dial room without a boost, thus allowing players to boost into this area. (double windows)

Nade exploitation (glitching) is NOT PERMITTED. Anyone who does this will be given a 2 game suspension AND the offending team will be given 0 points for that half. If both teams are found guilty they will receive 0 points for each half the offense was committed in (If both teams do it both halves, the match will be replayed).

§7.6 Altering/Manipulating/Releasing Evidence/Keeping Evidence

Submitting falsified evidence to a TPG admin, either intentionally, or unintentionally, will result in a six month suspension. Submitting demo(s) and/or screenshot(s) as your own, that belong to another player, will result in a six month suspension.

Any player disputed in a TPG match cannot release his/her demos to the public until a dispute has been closed by TPG. Any player who does, will be suspended for two weeks and if found cheating, this will be added on to your suspension.

Players cannot release private conversations/messages/e-mails between admins and players about TPG disputes to the public.

Players must keep demos and SS's for a minimum of 1 week after the match has been played. TPG may pull demos throughout that week.

Server owners must also keep HLTV's For 1 week after the match has been played. TPG may pull HLTV demos throughout that week

§7.7 Cheating Outside of TPG

Player demos (from 12 mans and scrims) that are submitted to TPG and reviewed by the TPG AC Team are subject to the same rule restrictions as if played in a TPG match as far as cheating is concerned. Players will be held to the same violation standards as those listed previously.

Starting today 7-22-2013, TPG will review Pub Demos IF the following conditions are met:

1. We will not accept a demo without an rcon status ss (Server Logs are not acceptable).
2. The Demo must be reviewed by an Approved Pub Clan's AC Team prior to being submitted for TPG's Review (See below for Approved Pub Clans AC Team).
3. We will not accept a demo that is not timed.
4. Submitted Players Steam ID must be registered with TPG or have an IP address registered to an account (TPG Admins can look up an IP address in the backend if you ask nicely).
5. We will only accept demos of players caught using an ESP, Wallhack or Aimbot only.
6. Submitted demos must be from 7-22-2013 OR after that date. Demos from before this date will not be considered.
6. TPG has the final say.

*Approved Pub AC Teams: BAW
(Submitting unsuccessful demos multiple times will result in the Pub AC Team being removed from the Approved list and will require you to submit your demos to another approved AC Team prior to it being submitted to TPG for review). If you want to be on the Approved Pub AC Team list, please email Tin Bad (

If the criteria above is not met, we simply will not watch it. If the criteria is met, we will watch it when time permits. TPG Match demo's take precedence.

§7.8 Cheating Suspension Information

Players found guilty of cheating

1. First Offense - 1 year
2. 2nd Offense - 3 years
3. 3rd Offense - 30 years

TPG League Wide Suspensions:
Cheating suspensions.
Failure to submit all evidence.

League Specific Suspensions:
All other suspensions not listed above.

Players that are currently suspended and are caught cheating in a 12 man or scrim will have the suspension time added to the existing ban time.

Ex. If a ban is through August 2013 and a player is caught cheating tomorrow, the ban would then be through August 2014.

§8 Client Information

§8.1 Failure to use the Client

Failure to use TPG's Anti-Cheat Client:
First offense: 6 Months.
Second Offense: 1 Year.
Third Offense: 3 Years.
Fourth Offense: 30 Years.

*If TPG discovers that a player did not use TPG's Anti-Cheat Client, weeks after the match, the player is still subject to being suspended from the date of discovery. 
**If TPG fails to recognize a player not using TPG's Anti-Cheat Client for a match by the time the season has completed (after playoff matches have completed), TPG will not pursue the suspension but will warn the player and will watch the player closely the following season.

§8.2 Interfering with the Anti-Cheat Client

Interfering with TPG's Anti-Cheat Client's process of collecting information and or altering TPG's Anti-Cheat Client data will result in a 3 year suspension.
** THIS INCLUDES ** Altering your configs in ANY WAY while the client is running! If you desperately need to change something, exit dod, exit the client, then change your files. There are no exceptions to changing ANY of your Configs while the client is running!

§8.3 Keeping Reports

Players must keep the reports from the client on their computer for a minimum of 1 week after the match has been played.

§8.4 Using an old version of the client

All players must use the newest/latest version of the Anti Cheat Client. Failure to do so will be considered as failing to use the client. Be sure to check the TPG website regularly for updates before all matches.

§9 TPG Forums

§9.1 Rules

1. No gifs allowed.
2. Respect ALL other members and their opinions.
No flaming of others. This includes publicly or through the PM system. If you have a problem with a member, take it somewhere else. Small disagreements are fine and do happen. However, flaming someone using discriminatory remarks (whether sex, race, or ethnicity) will not be tolorated.
3. You may not register with someone else's name, or something similar.
Do not register multiple accounts.
4. Do not post obscene material. This includes pornography.

Breaking any of the rules above may result in a permanent ban from the forums.

§10 Disclaimer

TPG admins reserve the right to make independent judgement calls for any rule as necessary. These judgement calls, if made, will supersede any current rules listed above.

§10.1 Rule Manipulation

If a player and/or team attempts to manipulate or exploit any TPG rule by any means necessary for other than what it was intended, TPG has the right to make a final ruling on the rule itself.

§10.2 Rule Changes

TPG reserves the right to modify and apply any rules as needed at any time, even retroactively. This includes changes due to software updates or releases and all other changes deemed necessary to the league. Major changes to the rules will be posted on our website and forums as needed. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance.

The TPG Administrators decisions are final.

§11 Admin Information

§11.2 Admin Bio's

TPG Head Admin
Tin Bad - I am a 25 year old from Los Angeles, CA and I am a manager at a software company. I originally started as a CS 1.6 player but then got bored and I moved onto DoD. I never got a championship ring because I'm terrible. Past teams include nbk, 187th, Teamless/TMNT fools..I just like to play DoD and have fun!

TPG Senior Admin
Miller` - I am a 32 year old photographer and editor in the sports industry. I started the game a little late after playing TFC and pubbing for many years, eventually becoming a founding member of BAW and serving on council from inception until this year where time commitments pulled me out of leadership. I have a perfect 0-4 record in TPG finals matches, finishing second in Open, IM, Main, and Invite.

TPG Head AC Admin
pyrite -Ian 'pyrite' Thomas: I'm 26 and from the burbs' of PA. I've played DoD since the betas but primarily focused on Cs. My biggest accomplishments were winning Cal-i, multiple regional lans, and being the only none pro team (x3o) to finish top16 CPL winter 06. Although I was a long time back-up for jetty and laudable, I just recently became focused on DoD and feel I can bring a fresh perspective to the admin team. I also was a CAL-ac admin for cs.

TPG Admins
Cass - I'm a 26 years old brazi who is been around since season 22 or so. I used to play counter strike in a semi professional level in parallel with day of defeat. I got away from games and took a good 4 year absence before I decided to get back to DoD. Ever since my goal is to keep the competition alive a such as I can working as an admin/ac admin on leagues such as CBD, DoDcup, DCN and TPG.
mike - Michael "mike" DiGiacomo: I'm a 20 year old jobless college nerd who enjoys playing some dod. I was on a lot of teams but the notables are Legion/Super and bTw. I joined tpg open somehow and won with some realism players. I decided to become an admin in order to make it super fun to play the 13 year old game we all love.

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