Invite playoff

EZ have been trying to get a team for a long time. But I realize now we wont be able to keep playing the playoffs.

So I've made the decision that FD will play Bloody Sunday on lennon. Winner will face friends on anzio in the final.

Posted: Sat, Jun 15th at 11:31 am EDT by calli - comments(0)

Sorry for being MIA

Have had some personal issues lately that's needed my attention elsewhere.
Play the matches when available. Think all of us need to be flexible now that the scene si what it is. But hopefully we'll be able to finish this season atleast.

 The invite semi's will be scheduled as soon as all matches have been played.

 Questions? Hit me up on steam. 

Posted: Sun, May 26th at 12:48 pm EDT by calli - comments(0)

TPG Teamspeak

The reason me and stabil bought and host the TPG Teamspeak is cause we had a vision now that DoD is back. We want to gather everyone under the same roof so we keep the small scene what's left, together. There's no reason for us to be using 10 different TS servers when we are so few clans. And we could minimize the cost for everyone aswell.

What's so great about Teamspeak is that they have designed the mainchat so it looks just like IRC. So if everyone could be in the same Ts it would be easier finding wars. You could easy see what clans are online and ask them if they would like to play etc. You dont have to spam to each and single one on your steam friends.

We have room for all clans. If there already isnt a room for your clan and you would like one, just come up to me or stabil and tell us to make one for you. We will make your clanleader channel admin so he can make as many rooms he would like and name them whatever. What's importent is that we are gathered.

The server is located in Frankfurt, I live in Sweden and I have a stabile ms of 35.


Posted: Wed, May 15th at 6:25 am EDT by calli - comments(2)

Merdilla, new version.

They have updated merdilla and changed name to halle_b2. Use this version for this weeks matches.

Available below: 

Posted: Tue, May 14th at 9:24 am EDT by calli - comments(1)

In need

..of more teams.

 If you know any team willing to play we have spots in open left. 

Posted: Fri, Apr 19th at 7:19 pm EDT by calli - comments(0)

Season 3 Suspensions

Handle: FloYd
Team: European Unknown Soldiers
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:1358854
Start Date: Apr 15 2013
End Date: Apr 15 2014
Rule Violation: 7.4
Reason: Cheating in a TPG Match

Posted: Mon, Apr 15th at 5:16 pm EDT by calli - comments(0)

What's going on?

Why haven't so many teams played their matches? If you know any of the new teams in TPG and they don't know how it works. Help them with figuring TPG out. We can't fall too much behind.

Also Main needs one more team since Lunatic seems to be inactive. 

Posted: Fri, Apr 12th at 7:22 am EDT by calli - comments(0)


We have shortened the upcomming season down to 7 weeks of regular play with only 2 weeks of playoff. This way we end earlier then we would have otherwise.

We decided to remove quarterfinals this season for that reason aswell. And it will also mean that your team have to finish top4 to be able to play playoff. So teams will have to battle harder. 

Posted: Thu, Apr 4th at 7:23 pm EDT by calli - comments(0)

April 7

Is the date when the new season starts. This sunday. We cant wait another week unless we want to play until August.
Make sure you vote under here, so we know how long you guys want the season to be.


Posted: Wed, Apr 3rd at 6:46 pm EDT by calli - comments(0)

Shorter spring season?

In america they dont have summer so they play the upcomming season until 24th of June, plus the 3 weeks of playoff after that. European DoD have always died during summer. But at the same time we haven't had any decent league like TPG to keep us going through the summer.

So my question is.. 

Do we want a shorter season? And only play "importent" maps..

 Yes, please shorten it a bit. 
 No, I want to play DoD even in July. 
Posted: Wed, Apr 3rd at 4:32 pm EDT by calli - comments(0)


I will not allow players/teams from anywhere else than Europe and North America. So those waiting to be accepted playing from Latin America. This will never happen, sorry.
If any team plays with a player outside Europe or NA there will be some sort of conciquences. So just dont.
For this season I will allow 6 americans in a lineup. But the top amount of american teams in a league will be 2. Which doesnt mean I will use 2. But 2 at the most.

I've also noticed that Americans play medium class on a whole other level than Europeans. So now when I allow 6 americans I'd like to avoid players with ping closer to 200 strafing around, abusing this wonderful game, with a weapon class that's ridiculous. I would like to give out new server configs with server maxrate 100 000 and no unterofficer class or master seargent. But you will have a say in this.. So I'm gonna make a small poll here for each teams captain to vote. First you talk with your team, then the captain brings your teams vote to the poll.



Allow medium class?

 Don't allow it 
 Allow it 
Posted: Tue, Apr 2nd at 8:03 am EDT by calli - comments(0)

New DoD update

I'm gonna real fast tell you what settings you should use after the update, the link below will explain more thorrow.

fps_override 1
fps_max 120 (use same fps_max value as hertz on your monitor to experience the best flow)
m_rawinput 1
gl_vsync 0
snd_noextraupdate 1 (Provides better performances for PCs)
m_mousethread_sleep 1,2 or 3 (Mouse hertz setting - 1=1000hertz 2=500hertz 3=125hertz)

-mousethread (activates the m_mousethread_sleep command)
-nofbo (Goes back using old Open GL settings, like before the update. If you want to achive 4:3 aspect ratio, this is the only way)
-nomsaa (If gameplay feels OK, but you dont want anti-aliasing)
Wort mentioning is that -freq doesnt work anymore. Download Refresh Lock to lock hertz. For some the mouseacc settings in launch option doesnt work anymore. Make sure you remove all acceleration in Windows. Download Mousemovement Recorder to be sure that its turned off.

-rate 100000 (Valve have changed maxrate from 30k to 100k, this wont matter unless sv_maxrate on server is set to 100k. Rate is the amount of bytes per second you want the server to send you. It has nothing to do with how good your opponent will hit you. So stop lowrating cause of it.)
-cl_updaterate 100 (new default value is 60)
-cl_cmdrate 105 (new default value is 60)
-ex_interp 0.01 (They are maybe thinking of making 0.01 new default value, which we would love)
-cl_nosmooth 1 (Removes the smoothening effect and instead shows true movement of players.)

In Options --> Video - you should have everything unchecked. Only thing that should be filled in is "Allow custom addon content".
If your video card is old and you now and then experience fps lag. Then choose Low Quality video.

Re-add your custom xhair. When you did the update DoD somehow managed to fuck it up. So just remove it and add it again.

I will not answer questions on steam regarding this. That's why Im making this guide.


Posted: Mon, Apr 1st at 2:30 pm EDT by calli - comments(0)

New TPG Champion

Congrats to .is my friend over the win against NZ in the final and therefor the winner of TPG Europe Season 2. You went undefeated throughout the whole season, so you guys deserved this. Enjoy it while it lasts and lets all get ready for a new season comming up the 7th of April.

See you soon. 

Posted: Sun, Mar 24th at 7:08 pm EDT by calli - comments(3)

Interp 0.1 cheat?

I thought I'd give a small guide about what ex_interp does and why using value "0.1" wont help you and why it could be considered cheat even though it's a default setting.

There's a lot of whining about servers and reg. Have been since halflife 1 engine games came out. So I'm gonna try to minimize the whine by making all of you guys aware of what your own settings are actually doing.

Interp is a command that sets the value of how many updates you want your opponents movement to be updated.
For example, if you have your interp set at 0.1 and you see someone ahead of you running 10steps across your screen. You will only see 1 accurate step of this player. The rest of the 9 steps will be simulated or painted out by the game. These 9 steps are only visual and NOT real. Just to make it look better. So when you are aiming at this player and not hitting, it's cause you are shooting at what you think is the player but it's only a ghost.

So why do people think 0.1 is cheating you may ask yourself. Well. When the game simulate a players movement it tends to make it so that the simulated player moves like 1meter ahead of his real movement. Which will let you see this player half a second before he actually appear.
And this is bad. Cause you will only have the advantage of seeing players a bit earlier, but on the contrary you will not hit them unless you aim 1m behind them.
But if you use interp 0.01 all the 10 steps will be real and not painted out just make it look smooth. You will hit this player if the server is configured correctly.
So what do you prefer? You are on the server to kill each other right? And not only visually see people run past you? If you are using interp 0.01 and someone is lagging, you know this player are using bad rates. Get him to change.

I know 0.1 is a default setting, but rate 7500 is also default. Which say something about this game and how long it was last updated. People had really bad connections when this game came out. So the only option was to use interp 0.1 for it to be playable. But now, some of us are sitting on 200mb/s connections and there's no reason for us to use lowrates and interp 0.1. We are playing this to have fun and not to lame around and making this game unplayable.

Fun fact. rate 30000 is equal to 256kbit/s. Think our internet can handle that right?

Here are 2 videos just to demonstrate what interp 0.1 does to your game.. (well explained) (notice how interp 0.1 paints this player position totally wrong)

If you want to learn more about rates and other settings you can read this..

Remember, ex_interp 0.1 is NOT allowed in TPG. Personally i set my rates as high possible were it shows no choke. After that i set my interp to 0, which sets my interp automaticly to the best value. Highest allowed interp value is 0.03. The lower the value is, the more updates you recieve.

Next time you dont hit anything and are about to whine about the server, check your interp first.

Posted: Sat, Mar 23rd at 12:52 pm EDT by calli - comments(2)

Week 7 Map Change...again

Due to a major map glitch at the allies spawn gate, we are forced to change this weeks map back to dod_lennon_b2.

We will give lennon2 a try next preseason if the glitch is fixed.

Posted: Tue, Feb 19th at 8:41 pm EST by defiance - comments(0)

Season 30 Roster Lock

Rosters for Season 30 will lock for good on Saturday, Feb. 16th at 9 PM EST(3 PM CET) or 24 hours before your scheduled match.  TPG reserves the right to remove players from rosters who try to drop down divisions and ruin competitive balance, so no funny business, please.
Posted: Sun, Feb 10th at 11:27 pm EST by defiance - comments(1)

TPG Rate Reminder

Players rates must be between the following values during match play:

rate - 20000 to maximum value
cl_cmdrate - 60 to maximum value
cl_updaterate - 60 to maximum value

ex_interp - 0.01 to 0.03

Posted: Sun, Feb 10th at 5:47 pm EST by defiance - comments(0)

Screen Shot Process

Hi Europeans!

It has come to my attention that many of you may not be taking screen shots correctly, so I am going to show you exactly what is needed! 

A valid screenshot must include all of the following elements:

  • Scoreboard must be showing.
  • Primary weapon must be out (snipers must take two, 1 scoped and 1 unscoped).
  • Mini-map must be enabled using the console command cl_minimap 2 .
  • Netgraph must be turned on using the console command net_graph 3 .
  • At least one friendly and one opposing player model must be in view.

 To Achieve this you must bind a key to snapshot.  Opening up console and typing snapshot does NOT work.  For example, I use backspace. 

bind "BACKSPACE" "snapshot"

You also need end round screenshots.  It is advised to use hud_takesshots 1 so that it automatically takes screen shots for you.  If you leave the round early, you need to take them!

In total, here is every screenshot you need:

Posted: Sat, Feb 2nd at 12:53 am EST by defiance - comments(2)


This season we will be trying dod_lennon2_b1 in place of the usual dod_lennon_b2.  This map will be used during week 7, so you have plenty of time to see the (small) changes.  This does not mean we are leaving b2 for good, as if this map is not well received, we will go back to b2. 

Here is a link to everything you need including server configs:

Posted: Thu, Jan 31st at 11:20 pm EST by defiance - comments(0)

Week 4 Map Change

Due to numerous requests for more time to learn dod_merdilla_b1, we have decided to push it back to week 6.  Week 4 will now be dod_solitude_b2.

There is now plenty of time to learn the map for week 6, no excuses. 

Posted: Wed, Jan 23rd at 10:56 pm EST by defiance - comments(1)

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