Reminder to all teams and players

 I would like to remind ALL teams and players that match servers need to run the TPG config. Fade to black is not part of this, neither is 3 k98's. I have seen TPG configs on some servers use that, and that is NOT legal in TPG.


I would also to remind all players about the accepted rates. Rating in TPG may get you suspended.


Goodluck in season 05!

Posted: Thu, Apr 24th at 3:12 pm EDT by Linus - comments(6)

TPG Euro Season 05

I would like to thank all teams that participated for TPG Season 04 and I look forward to seeing you all for TPG Season 05, as we are trying to keep TPG Europe alive, even though there will be most likely even less teams than last season. 
TPG Season 05 will be starting Sunday May 4th.
So you got  untill May 1st to open a and state your readiness to participate, you only will be activated by opening a support ticket to have a history of it.
please select "Team Management" as category, Subeject "TPG EURO Team activation" and put your team name in the text body.
Teams that FF loss 2 times in a row will be removed from Season 05 permanently.
Also i wanna remind you again to use the Match Scheduler on the tpg sites to schedule your matches, if you dont use it you might ff matches even if you are present at default match time which still will be 9.00pm/21.00 CET.
All inactive teams will be deleted on May 1st to clean up the database.
This season there will be bnzr, linus and me available as admins and the AC team of last seasons.
Posted: Tue, Apr 22nd at 3:21 pm EDT by L0i^c - comments(0)

Season 6 or no?

Either way, teams are welcome to join the main NA 6v6 league.

Are the Euro's interested in having a Season 6? or is there no interest anymore?

 Have a 6th DoD Euro Season 
 Call a quits for the Euro League 
Posted: Wed, Mar 26th at 3:44 pm EDT by Tin Bad - comments(9)

Current situation

as you might have seen, a big proportion of teams died during the break inbetween regular season and playoffs, so with this happening i had to ff those teams today leaving nearly no time to scheduling semis for today.

either way i hope that the teams which have been proceeded due to an ff win are at least half way active and can manage to play their semis sometimes untill next sunday 8pm gmt. 

I hope that we can arange for finals being played next sunday at 8pm gmt or slightly later to stay at least half way on schedule, so whoever the team are that proceed into finlas may should be ready to play at that time.

Posted: Sun, Feb 16th at 2:50 pm EST by L0i^c - comments(0)

Season 33 Point Count

Season 33 point count is now posted

Find out what seed your team is!

Since there are still matches open to play, I'll give you time to play them untill monday 3rd February 21.00 gmt after that all unplayed matches will be a Bye. 

Posted: Tue, Jan 28th at 2:19 pm EST by L0i^c - comments(0)

S33 Playoff maps

The last day to vote on S33's playoff maps is almost here! The poll will auto close on 01-27-2014 at 09:32 PST. Be sure to get your votes in by then!

Posted: Sun, Jan 26th at 12:48 pm EST by Tin Bad - comments(0)

Week 4 & 5

Due to the upcoming holidays there are some slightly changes regarding default time/date for Week 4 matches, that's why week 4 and 5 are already scheduled.

This means you get untill 5th of January for Week 4, respective 11th of January for Week 5 to play your matches. 

Week 4 Matches default time/date has been moved to 5th of January 7.00 pm GMT, while week 5 is on the regular schedule (5th of January 8.00 pm GMT).

If you want to use the holidays to make up forefits (due to the fact that they have lower point counts for playoff seeds then played matches) the team captain or scheduler can open a support ticket (best if both teams regarding this open one), then either me or bnzr will open the scheduling and reporting option on the tpg page.

I wanna use this opportunity to also remind all team captains and scheduler to use the scheduler of the TPG page because that's what determines decissions in scheduling disputes (there are no chat logs or emails accepted as evidence).

As you might have seen i've mentioned bnzr as admin above, he'll be effective immediatley joining me in administrating TPG europe.

Posted: Wed, Dec 18th at 4:20 pm EST by L0i^c - comments(0)

Match COM

I want to remind everybody to use match com at least 24hrs prior to default match time to schedule your match (team captains and designated scheduler can do this).

You'll find the match com by using the following links: Season Matches (under Team Panel) -> Schedule -> set a time (be carefule and watch the timezone setting) -> propose match

if something is already proposed accept or decline and put in a time and date of your liking. 

Posted: Thu, Nov 28th at 6:09 pm EST by L0i^c - comments(0)

Match Time

Due to the huge response on default match time majority may decide on this one.

What do you want as default match time?

 9.00pm GMT 
 8.00 pm GMT 
Posted: Mon, Nov 25th at 5:15 pm EST by L0i^c - comments(0)

TPG Europe Update

as you might have seen we are moveing forward,

- new season has been activated

- rosters are all unlocked

- teams got moved

- captains of active teams got added on steam by me

Things that are about to be done,

- Season 4 sheduling will be done on 26th November 2013

- default match time for season 4 will be 9.00 pm GMT!!! (21.00 GMT, 22.00/10pm CET, 4.00 pm EST) 

- Inactive teams captains will be contacted by email this upcoming week

- new rules should be in place (currently only new thing which comes to mind -> no ping limitations for teams)



IF there should be any problems/question go ahead and message me or open a support ticket.  


Posted: Sun, Nov 17th at 5:14 pm EST by L0i^c - comments(17)

TPG Europe Update

I would like to thank all teams that participated for TPG Season 03 and I look forward to seeing you all for TPG Season 04, as we are trying to keep TPG Europe alive, even though there will be some changes compared to last season. 
TPG Season 04 will be starting Sunday December 1st.
- Head Admin/Supervisor of TPG Europe will be Tin Bad, Head Admin of TPG US.
- As of now, the Admins of the previous season/seasons are stepping down.
- New EU League Admin will be L0i^c
- AC Team for TPG Europe will be the same as past seasons (nik and stin) with the addition of TPG US AC team.
- TPG Europe will run parallel to TPG US.
- TPG US rules will apply, all TPG Europe specific rule changes made in the past will be invalid from this day on (there might be minor new changes), if there are any rule changes to TPG US they'll be applied to TPG Europe as well.
Admin Situation
As you can see there are a lot of changes is this area, since i am the only admin as of now and new to it there might be some things which will take more time then you are used to in the past... I am trying my best to get everything done on time (especially scheduling) or get someone else to get it done on time with me. I'll be starting to contact captains this upcoming weekend about their plans on participating in S 4, if you want to get in front of this feel free to contact me or open a support ticket. 
We are still looking for at least one more admin to be able to cover for me if i am not available.
Your chance to influence map and rate choosing for S 4
As we'll be having a parallel rotation and shedule to TPG US, make your voice heard on map rotation and rates here:

Map Schedule 

TPG Min Rates

Posted: Tue, Nov 12th at 2:38 pm EST by L0i^c - comments(2)

TPG is looking for Euro Admins

TPG is looking to pick up some new Euro Admins. The Euro league will run in tandem with the regular 6v6 League again and we will need some Euro admins to schedule matches and handle the basic disputes/tickets. If you feel like you can volunteer your time and would like to help out, please email me with a properly filled out Admin Application.




Posted: Fri, Nov 1st at 6:57 pm EDT by Tin Bad - comments(0)

New Support Site

TPG has a new and improved Support Site and we will start using it today. This new Support System is more powerful and offers more features for the Admins and AC Admins. You must be logged into your TPG Account before it will allow you to view the support site. If you are not logged in, it will redirect you to the TPG website until it verify's your credentials. We've also made it so that it pre-fills some of your information from the TPG database and we will continue to add more to this as time goes on. 

All support tickets should be filed through the following link from now on:
Posted: Sun, Oct 27th at 2:53 pm EDT by Tin Bad - comments(0)

TPG Forums

TPG would like to Thank You all for what we saw as a successful 32nd Regular Season of Day of Defeat. We have seen teams drop from competition as they usually do, but we also saw less forfeits and more competitive matches throughout the weeks in all Divisions. With Playoffs upcoming, we have begun to look beyond S32 Playoffs and towards the improvements we can implement to make the 33rd Season of TPG more enjoyable for all levels of competition.

During Season 32, the Admins used a forum to stay organized and on top of evolving situations and as I mentioned at the start of Season 32, the community’s role would be expanding more for Season 33. We have decided to open these forums up to the community in order to better communicate and take in player suggestions towards league improvement. This will not only help keep TPG in touch with the community, but also to get the community more involved in TPG related decisions. We believe that these forums, full of active, vocal members of the community will help TPG improve all aspects of this league. 

On behalf of everyone at TPG, I would like to invite you all to participate in these discussions as it will impact your future experience with TPG. Joeledmunds brought up a discussion of Season 33’s map rotation list and we figured it was time to start our official TPG discussion and vote on such issues. We encourage everyone to participate in the discussions and we also recommend that users feel free to start new discussions on anything else related to TPG as well. Whether it pertains to Season 33 or to TPG in general, I encourage you to post your thoughts.

To participate in these discussions, please click on the link below to go to the forums and register for an account: 
Posted: Wed, Oct 9th at 11:56 pm EDT by Tin Bad - comments(0)

Here are the seeds




1.magical nades

Backup: ARP 

New for this season is that john aka nhoj helps out making the schedules, so that it gets out in time. So from this day on you contact him if you have any schedule related questions. Here is his steam profile:

Posted: Sat, Sep 21st at 6:45 am EDT by calli - comments(2)

This weekend.

We are starting a Double elimination tournament on sunday instead of having a shorter season.

For those that dont know what a double elimination tournament looks like can take a look at this link. 

It basicly means that the 1st seed play the 8th seed, 2nd seed vs 7th seed etc. All of the teams that looses their first match have a new shot of reaching the final by playing the lower bracket. The winner of the lower bracket plays the looser in the upper bracket semifinal, to compete for the spot in the final.

We will schedule the matches for you here on TPG so you wont really have to know how the bracket works. Just know that if you lose a game you get one more chance to proceed playing.

Schedules will be out shortly. 

Posted: Tue, Sep 17th at 4:52 pm EDT by calli - comments(0)

TPG.EU Season 4

This will happen. Dont worry. It's all about finding a good start date. Be patient, enough with the gathers. Find real wars. Get the hype started.

We will somehow connect to the american season and have a shorter one. I'm not allowed to start a season whenever I want. It needs to end at the same time the american one ends. And I didnt see the use of starting our season when they started in earlie august.

Get clans to apply for the league. Spread the word. 

Posted: Tue, Sep 10th at 9:09 am EDT by calli - comments(0)

TPG EU Season 3 winners

Congrats to friends for winning Season 3 in Invite, to Gamerz winning Main and to SoS for winning Open.

Next season will be somewhere in September. I hope to see you all then, and my apologize for this somewhat prolonged season.
I will have more admins helping me out during next season so it will all be better.

GG all. 

Posted: Tue, Jul 2nd at 9:21 am EDT by calli - comments(3)

TPG Invite Final

Sunday 23rd of June, the final between Bloody Sunday and Best Friends Forever will take place, at 21cet.

If the game get recsheduled, please post new date for the game in comments below.

Also, hltv ip in comment.

Good luck! 

Who do you think will win?

Posted: Mon, Jun 17th at 4:35 pm EDT by calli - comments(4)

TPG on Facebook

TPG is now on Facebook. Stay up to the minute for all TPG news, information, and events by liking our page:

Posted: Mon, Jun 17th at 3:17 pm EDT by BuLLeT - comments(0)

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