Reminder to all teams and players

Reminder to all teams and players

 I would like to remind ALL teams and players that match servers need to run the TPG config. Fade to black is not part of this, neither is 3 k98's. I have seen TPG configs on some servers use that, and that is NOT legal in TPG.


I would also to remind all players about the accepted rates. Rating in TPG may get you suspended.


Goodluck in season 05!

Posted: Thu, Apr 24th at 3:12 pm EDT by Linus

czu posted on 2014-May-03 4:10 pm EDT:
Everything nice , but I see only three teams wnich declared to play in next season(only one 100% from eu).

Not all players who signed here are looking at news. Maybe you should ask leaders personaly on steam or something. It would be nice to see another season matches.

Good luck admins!

mariioN posted on 2014-May-04 3:05 pm EDT:
"TPG Season 05 will be starting Sunday May 4th"

Our admins should be inactive

yellowteeth posted on 2014-May-05 10:34 am EDT:
Not much more we can do when people aren't interested in playing. Sorry for using our own free time to try and organise something.

mariioN posted on 2014-May-05 2:32 pm EDT:
What did you try ? Did you talk to leaders of teams ? I don't think so as no one talked to our team for instance. Posting news is not enough as you can see. Thanks for replying so quickly, I hope you don't waste your free time for me.

Ch40$Kr!3[GER]* posted on 2014-May-06 3:59 am EDT:
lol 4 teams and not talking with other teams............

Xxpp posted on 2014-Dec-01 2:43 pm EST:
Hello everyone, league is still active? Seeking an English-speaking clan ...


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