TPG Euro Season 05

TPG Euro Season 05

I would like to thank all teams that participated for TPG Season 04 and I look forward to seeing you all for TPG Season 05, as we are trying to keep TPG Europe alive, even though there will be most likely even less teams than last season. 
TPG Season 05 will be starting Sunday May 4th.
So you got  untill May 1st to open a and state your readiness to participate, you only will be activated by opening a support ticket to have a history of it.
please select "Team Management" as category, Subeject "TPG EURO Team activation" and put your team name in the text body.
Teams that FF loss 2 times in a row will be removed from Season 05 permanently.
Also i wanna remind you again to use the Match Scheduler on the tpg sites to schedule your matches, if you dont use it you might ff matches even if you are present at default match time which still will be 9.00pm/21.00 CET.
All inactive teams will be deleted on May 1st to clean up the database.
This season there will be bnzr, linus and me available as admins and the AC team of last seasons.
Posted: Tue, Apr 22nd at 3:21 pm EDT by L0i^c

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