Season 6 or no?

Season 6 or no?

Either way, teams are welcome to join the main NA 6v6 league.

Are the Euro's interested in having a Season 6? or is there no interest anymore?

 Have a 6th DoD Euro Season 
 Call a quits for the Euro League 
Posted: Wed, Mar 26th at 3:44 pm EDT by Tin Bad

czu posted on 2014-Mar-27 7:09 pm EDT:
Where is EU admin?

yellowteeth posted on 2014-Mar-28 1:43 pm EDT:
Right here.

Tin Bad posted on 2014-Mar-28 1:59 pm EDT:
TPG Euro Admins
Pr0^n (EU) -
Bnzr (EU) -

Tin Bad posted on 2014-Mar-28 1:59 pm EDT:
So far 18 people voted yes, so that is 3 teams more or less.

mariioN posted on 2014-Mar-29 5:35 pm EDT:
I hope those admins will be more activ than the other one. gl hf

yellowteeth posted on 2014-Mar-29 7:58 pm EDT:
We were both active last season.

An1maL posted on 2014-Mar-31 8:02 am EDT:
We need less teams to sign up and then not bother to play.... e.g EZ signed up last season but then only played 2 matches all season. I don't know why they kept being put back in the league after each FF loss.

Anyway based on last season I would say don't bother. In the end there were only 4 active invite teams.

rippeR posted on 2014-Apr-04 6:02 am EDT:
Maybe a complete Season consisted of drafted teams could work? Just need enough players and some active captains. Additional there will be a free-agents / ringer team where captains can get new players (if needed) or a merc when they aren't enough for a match day.

mariioN posted on 2014-Apr-16 4:41 pm EDT:
Will this season start ?

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