Week 4 & 5

Week 4 & 5

Due to the upcoming holidays there are some slightly changes regarding default time/date for Week 4 matches, that's why week 4 and 5 are already scheduled.

This means you get untill 5th of January for Week 4, respective 11th of January for Week 5 to play your matches. 

Week 4 Matches default time/date has been moved to 5th of January 7.00 pm GMT, while week 5 is on the regular schedule (5th of January 8.00 pm GMT).

If you want to use the holidays to make up forefits (due to the fact that they have lower point counts for playoff seeds then played matches) the team captain or scheduler can open a support ticket (best if both teams regarding this open one), then either me or bnzr will open the scheduling and reporting option on the tpg page.

I wanna use this opportunity to also remind all team captains and scheduler to use the scheduler of the TPG page because that's what determines decissions in scheduling disputes (there are no chat logs or emails accepted as evidence).

As you might have seen i've mentioned bnzr as admin above, he'll be effective immediatley joining me in administrating TPG europe.

Posted: Wed, Dec 18th at 4:20 pm EST by L0i^c

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