TPG Europe Update

TPG Europe Update

I would like to thank all teams that participated for TPG Season 03 and I look forward to seeing you all for TPG Season 04, as we are trying to keep TPG Europe alive, even though there will be some changes compared to last season. 
TPG Season 04 will be starting Sunday December 1st.
- Head Admin/Supervisor of TPG Europe will be Tin Bad, Head Admin of TPG US.
- As of now, the Admins of the previous season/seasons are stepping down.
- New EU League Admin will be L0i^c
- AC Team for TPG Europe will be the same as past seasons (nik and stin) with the addition of TPG US AC team.
- TPG Europe will run parallel to TPG US.
- TPG US rules will apply, all TPG Europe specific rule changes made in the past will be invalid from this day on (there might be minor new changes), if there are any rule changes to TPG US they'll be applied to TPG Europe as well.
Admin Situation
As you can see there are a lot of changes is this area, since i am the only admin as of now and new to it there might be some things which will take more time then you are used to in the past... I am trying my best to get everything done on time (especially scheduling) or get someone else to get it done on time with me. I'll be starting to contact captains this upcoming weekend about their plans on participating in S 4, if you want to get in front of this feel free to contact me or open a support ticket. 
We are still looking for at least one more admin to be able to cover for me if i am not available.
Your chance to influence map and rate choosing for S 4
As we'll be having a parallel rotation and shedule to TPG US, make your voice heard on map rotation and rates here:

Map Schedule 

TPG Min Rates

Posted: Tue, Nov 12th at 2:38 pm EST by L0i^c

frechdachQs posted on 2013-Nov-13 6:39 am EST:
N1 , Good News! next season starting ?

KumKum posted on 2013-Nov-13 8:32 am EST:

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