This weekend.

This weekend.

We are starting a Double elimination tournament on sunday instead of having a shorter season.

For those that dont know what a double elimination tournament looks like can take a look at this link. 

It basicly means that the 1st seed play the 8th seed, 2nd seed vs 7th seed etc. All of the teams that looses their first match have a new shot of reaching the final by playing the lower bracket. The winner of the lower bracket plays the looser in the upper bracket semifinal, to compete for the spot in the final.

We will schedule the matches for you here on TPG so you wont really have to know how the bracket works. Just know that if you lose a game you get one more chance to proceed playing.

Schedules will be out shortly. 

Posted: Tue, Sep 17th at 4:52 pm EDT by calli

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