TPG EU Season 3 winners

TPG EU Season 3 winners

Congrats to friends for winning Season 3 in Invite, to Gamerz winning Main and to SoS for winning Open.

Next season will be somewhere in September. I hope to see you all then, and my apologize for this somewhat prolonged season.
I will have more admins helping me out during next season so it will all be better.

GG all. 

Posted: Tue, Jul 2nd at 9:21 am EDT by calli

dNs. posted on 2013-Jul-09 12:35 pm EDT:

l0ker posted on 2013-Sep-03 12:26 pm EDT:
did calli kill the game :( ?

bassC! posted on 2013-Sep-11 7:57 am EDT:
l0ker give it a rest, you're on your own you spastic.

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