TPG Invite Final

TPG Invite Final

Sunday 23rd of June, the final between Bloody Sunday and Best Friends Forever will take place, at 21cet.

If the game get recsheduled, please post new date for the game in comments below.

Also, hltv ip in comment.

Good luck! 

Who do you think will win?

Posted: Mon, Jun 17th at 4:35 pm EDT by calli

mariioN posted on 2013-Jun-19 11:45 am EDT:
Go Ecl1ps3 !

Spastinator posted on 2013-Jun-23 3:02 pm EDT:
hltv ip?

An1maL posted on 2013-Jun-25 5:48 pm EDT:
we will play on sunday 30th june, 21cet

i will try to post HLTV here

KumKum posted on 2013-Jun-29 11:32 am EDT:
gl guys

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