Maplist and Schedule Announced!

Preseason 1 - dod_cal_coire - May 3rd
Preseason 2 - dod_solitude_rats - May 10th

Week 1 - dod_salerno - May 17th
Week 2 - dod_lennon - May 24th
Week 3 - dod_thunder_b3 - May 31st
Week 4 - dod_rails_b3 - June 7th
Week 5 - dod_aleutian - June 14th
Week 6 - dod_argentan - June 21st
Week 7 - dod_harrington - June 28th
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Official Start Date, Match Night and Time

Okay folks, time to get your teams signed up!

Pre-season Week 1 begins on May 3rd, 2012. Default match night and time will be every Thursday @ 9pm EST.

Rescheduled matches must be reported no later than Sunday night at 11:59pm PST or it will be considered a forfeited match. Good luck have fun!

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TPG Day of Defeat Source Division

TPG would like to re-introduce and welcome the Day of Defeat Source community to TPG, The Proving Grounds. We will have a 6v6, 8 week season format. Source players and teams can now start signing up for the upcoming TPG Day of Defeat Spring 2012 season. TPG looks forward to providing a well run league, for source teams to compete and have fun. We will be updating the news daily, so keep checking the site for updates. Get your teams signed up and tell a friend!
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TPG Servers

Yesterday the server hosting TPG's database went down due to some bad hardware.  Temporarily we have switched the database to a new server to get the site up and running.  You may notice the site is significantly slower.  Hopefully this will only be temporary as we work on a more permanent fix.  Thank you for your patience.
Posted: Tue, Jan 31st at 10:42 am EST by BuLLeT - comments(0)

Watch out for Gameservers!

I just wanted to forewarn everyone that Gameservers insisted on screwing me on my DOD server.  I bought a DOD private server awhile back for a 6 month period of time and recently they decided to bill me for another 6 month period automatically without warning or asking me.  They cited some line buried deep in their service agreement that allows them to automatically renew my server subscription and bill me if I do not explicitly contact them with a support ticket and request that they do not do this.  Every other transaction I've had with them was emailed to me, but this magic auto-renew I was not emailed about the coming renewal or when it occurred.

So if you have a current server with them that you may one day cancel in the future be aware of this.  Also, I would not recommend doing business with a company that does shady things like this and then informs me that it is "impossible" to give me a refund on what they billed to my credit card (per Brendan Kiel of Gameservers support).

Posted: Wed, Feb 24th at 10:45 pm EST by BuLLeT - comments(0)

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DoD:Source 6v6

Season 8

Team W L
[F|A] 7 2
[THE] 6 3
winter| 3 5
#DTF 3 5
Team W L
gcV 7 1
eL. HARD 6 2
2ez! 6 3
Team W L
zG // 4 1
wb. 4 4
[6p] 2 6
Super! 1 7