Playoff Scoring Update:

Playoff Scoring Update:

Playoffs consist of 2-3 rounds. A regular round is equal to 1 map with two 15 minute halves. A 3rd (shortened) round may be required as a tie breaker.

Round 1: dod_anzio (15 min halves)
Round 2: dod_santos (15 min halves)
Round 3 tie breaker: dod_santos (10 min halves)

Use the standard scoring system of ticks + 50pts per capout to decide which team wins the round. However, when reporting scores each team is rewarded only 1 point per round won.

If teams are tied after two rounds then a 3rd round will be required as a tiebreaker. This 3rd round will be played on the 2nd map (dod_santos) with 10 minute halves.

Posted: Thu, Jul 12th at 7:13 pm EDT by Pande

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DoD:Source 6v6

Season 8

Team W L
[F|A] 7 2
[THE] 6 3
winter| 3 5
#DTF 3 5
Team W L
gcV 7 1
eL. HARD 6 2
2ez! 6 3
Team W L
zG // 4 1
wb. 4 4
[6p] 2 6
Super! 1 7