Playoff Match Config

Playoff Match Config

Please download and use the 15 min config for playoffs. The config name is tpg15.cfg. To execute after it's uploaded type "rcon exec tpg15.cfg".

 If for some reason you cannot gain access to your server's FTP before your match you may type "rcon mp_timelimit 15" each half.

 The only difference between the two configs is the mp_timelimit from 20 to 15.

Posted: Mon, Jul 9th at 10:38 pm EDT by Pande

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DoD:Source 6v6

Season 8

Team W L
gcV 7 1
eL. HARD 6 2
2ez! 6 3
Team W L
zG // 4 1
wb. 4 4
[6p] 2 6
Super! 1 7
Team W L
[F|A] 7 2
[THE] 6 3
winter| 3 5
#DTF 3 5