Roster Locks - Reminder

Roster Locks - Reminder

Rosters will lock 48 hours prior to the scheduled match day and time. Players may not join a roster while rosters are locked, but leaving rosters is permitted.

Team rosters will be locked for the duration of the season prior to the completion of week five. This will prevent players on losing teams from jumping to teams that are sure to make the playoffs.
Posted: Mon, Jun 4th at 9:49 pm EDT by Pande

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DoD:Source 6v6

Season 8

Team W L
[F|A] 7 2
[THE] 6 3
winter| 3 5
#DTF 3 5
Team W L
gcV 7 1
eL. HARD 6 2
2ez! 6 3
Team W L
zG // 4 1
wb. 4 4
[6p] 2 6
Super! 1 7