PreWk 2 Schedule Released

PreWk 2 Schedule Released

Preseason Week 2 - dod_solitude_rats

6 Pool Rush! [vs] Super Fast Lightnin Quails
Team Super [vs] Core
Hard Hittaz [vs] Too Easy
Warborn Gaming [vs] Gotham City Villains
Down to Frag [vs] D.R.U.G.S.
Impact Team [vs] The Hero Experience

Good luck have fun! Granted that both teams agree, a different version of solitude can be used. Secondly, the use of one ringer is allowed during preseason if both teams agree, without penalty towards regular season.
Posted: Mon, May 7th at 10:45 pm EDT by Pande

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DoD:Source 6v6

Season 8

Team W L
gcV 7 1
eL. HARD 6 2
2ez! 6 3
Team W L
zG // 4 1
wb. 4 4
[6p] 2 6
Super! 1 7
Team W L
[F|A] 7 2
[THE] 6 3
winter| 3 5
#DTF 3 5