Team List

Name Tag Division Group
-AoA- Clan -AoA- Unassigned
Allied Army [AA] Unassigned
Arepa Gaming Arepa] Unassigned
Big-Bags BigBags| Unassigned
Black Sheep Squad bss Unassigned
Bricks |3r1c|<s Lower Howe
Clan [Pokemon] [Pokemon] Lower Howe
Cut Yourself Gaming cYg Unassigned
Explodey's Pale Crew /.er Lower Howe
Frag n Lag [FnL] Lower
GroBdeutschland (GDR) Unassigned
Head Bustas ‡H߇ Unassigned
Jutras Jutras` Unassigned
Last Chance Gaming LCG` Unassigned
Livin Legends legends » Unassigned
Lost Patrol .:LP:. Unassigned
Marauders |MCM| Unassigned
Miskatonic University [MU] Unassigned
Nomadic Soldiers NS Unassigned
Nothing 2 Prove n2p Lower Howe
OneWorld Syndicate [=1=] Unassigned
Panzer P4nz3R Unassigned
Panzer Gruppen Panzer | Unassigned
paragon gaming - p - Unassigned
Right To Rule [ЯтR] Unassigned
Team Absinth Elite \»TÆ«/™ Unassigned
The GroBdeutschland Regiment GDR Unassigned
xiters online x0L Lower Howe
{GaK} {GaK} Lower Howe

DoD:Source 3v3


Team W L
n2p 0 0
/.er 0 0
|3r1c|<s 0 0
[Pokemon] 0 0
x0L 0 0
{GaK} 0 0