Season 1 Regular Season Week 1

Season 1 Regular Season Week 1

The map for week 1 will be dod_bunky (server config - updated 2/20/07).

WEEK 1 MATCHES HAVE BEEN POSTPONED!  The matches have been pushed ahead one week to Thursday, March 1 in order to give TPG time to review new server plug-ins and update the rules. We appreciate your patience and look forward to getting the regular season off to a great start. Thank you for your cooperation.
Posted: Mon, Feb 19th at 8:02 pm EST by BuLLeT

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DoD:Source 3v3


Team W L
n2p 0 0
/.er 0 0
|3r1c|<s 0 0
[Pokemon] 0 0
x0L 0 0
{GaK} 0 0