Reporting Scores

Reporting Scores

For those unfamiliar with the DOD Source method of reporting scores let me outline the process.  Full cap outs are worth 50 points.  Therefore if your final score tonight was 5 full cap outs and 6 hold points you would have 256 points.  5 * 50 = 250.  250 + 6 = 256.  Please also note that teams can set multiple members on their roster as schedulers and/or match reporters via your team profile page.  Also, if you enter your server information here it will be automatically sent to your opponent upon confirming which server you are using on the scheduling system.
Posted: Thu, Feb 1st at 11:03 pm EST by BuLLeT

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DoD:Source 3v3


Team W L
n2p 0 0
/.er 0 0
|3r1c|<s 0 0
[Pokemon] 0 0
x0L 0 0
{GaK} 0 0