Week 6 map & Info

Week 6 map & Info

The map for week 6 will dod_notorange

Note: Teams who forfeit will be set to inactive and will not be scheduled. If your team receives a forfeit win please idle in #tpg3v3source on mIRC to see if any other team, who has also received a forfeit win, would like to do a make-up match. Also you can contact 3v3 admins if you have any problems or questions.

Posted: Mon, Apr 2nd at 5:48 pm EDT by Solis

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DoD:Source 3v3


Team W L
n2p 0 0
/.er 0 0
|3r1c|<s 0 0
[Pokemon] 0 0
x0L 0 0
{GaK} 0 0