CS:GO Season 2

CS:GO Season 2

Season 2 is starting this Thursday June 6th, 2013 @ 6:30PM PST 9:30PM EST.


It's not too late for new teams to join! 


Week 1 : de_shift_b3

Jun 6, 6:30Maximum Damage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Jun 6, 6:30UNMAKE Power Guido
Jun 6, 6:30'sWAY Powered by Jesus
Jun 6, 6:30Pathetic Squad xh|


Posted: Mon, Jun 3rd at 12:11 pm EDT by Tin Bad

SibbY posted on 2013-Jun-04 10:06 pm EDT:
glhf all

Pulىe posted on 2013-Jun-06 5:46 pm EDT:
Still new at this but looking forward to our matches! GL HF everyone!

SibbY posted on 2013-Jun-09 11:49 am EDT:
1 match played out of 4 scheduled :/ ughhhhh

Tin Bad posted on 2013-Jun-10 12:11 pm EDT:
yeah :/ I'm trying to get a hold of the captains to see if their teams are still interested.

Doesn't look good right now.

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CS:GO Class Comp


Team W L
i[3] * 3 0
'sWAY 1 1
UNMAKE ' 1 1
=TMNT= 1 2
PathSQ 0 2
ethugs 0 2