Week 4 de_dust2

Week 4 de_dust2


  Donkey PunchN Krew   vs    xh|
  That was Easy   vs   u jelly?
  Maximum Damage   vs   thuglife
  Where's The Prone Key?   vs   Sconnies In So Cal
  'sWAY   vs   Team Remix

  =TMNT=                          vs    BYE





Posted: Mon, Feb 25th at 11:27 pm EST by Tin Bad

SibbY posted on 2013-Feb-26 8:34 am EST:
awww, what happened to inferno?

glhf everyone.

sC(+)PE posted on 2013-Feb-26 9:47 am EST:
good luck guys.

Tin Bad posted on 2013-Feb-26 10:49 am EST:
Inferno will be next week. Someone suggested a different version so I will be taking a look at it today and posting it on the site later today as well.

SibbY posted on 2013-Feb-27 12:00 pm EST:
The _ce version is pretty solid - it's what we played in CEVO. The _ve version is played in ESEA, i think. Basically, the same map, but a lot of spots and angles play differently depending on the version. Happy with any of them :D

Also, TMNT got a loss for their bye. TMNT is good people - someone finish registering their team so that they can play these guys!

Gorilla posted on 2013-Feb-28 1:31 pm EST:
Sibby, just wanted to say that it's refreshing to see a CS player being friendly with us DOD players. Thanks!

SibbY posted on 2013-Mar-01 11:20 pm EST:
np man. Maybe i'll have to throw a team into TPG's next DoD league ;)

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CS:GO Class Comp


Team W L
i[3] * 3 0
'sWAY 1 1
UNMAKE ' 1 1
=TMNT= 1 2
PathSQ 0 2
ethugs 0 2