Week 3 de_mirage_go

Week 3 de_mirage_go


 Sconnies In So Cal   vs   'sWAY
  u jelly?   vs    Donkey PunchN Krew
  xh|   vs   That was Easy
  Where's The Prone Key?   vs   thuglife
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   vs   Maximum Damage



For the two other teams that recently joined but where not scheduled, you must have a minumum of 4 players on your roster to be scheduled.

Posted: Mon, Feb 18th at 12:05 pm EST by Tin Bad

SibbY posted on 2013-Feb-18 1:32 pm EST:
Quick Question: We should be using Steam Workshop to download Mirage_go, correct?

It looks like Valve is using workshop to roll out all custom content (including the _se versions of standard maps like dust2, train, and the rest).

I guess I'm basically asking if we should use workshop or if we should hard-install the map on the server (eg: put it in the maps folder).

For reference, here's the link to the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125499818

Tin Bad posted on 2013-Feb-18 3:50 pm EST:
I would just manually do it. I've seen a lot of posts on the steam workshop being buggy.

You can download it from the TPG through this link.


sC(+)PE posted on 2013-Feb-21 12:23 pm EST:
i just created a team and was wondering if i can join the fun... team remix... i have over 5 members so its easy to put it together.

SibbY posted on 2013-Feb-21 7:05 pm EST:
wish we (Max Damage)could have gotten scheduled against you guys today :/ TMNT never got in contact with us for the match.

BuLLeT FoDDeR posted on 2013-Feb-21 9:46 pm EST:
SibbY and sC(+)PE you if both of you have an unplayed match or match you won by forfeit you can play a makeup match and file the score in a support ticket. If you file a support ticket before you play the match the admins can even schedule the match for you and then you can report it on the website.

SibbY posted on 2013-Feb-21 11:13 pm EST:
we ended up playing against TMNT - they came through for the match.

Bullet/Tin Bad: Are we able to make up past-week matches with the new teams (we joined week3 and missed out on week1&2 action)?

SibbY posted on 2013-Feb-22 11:45 am EST:
Scope - get your team added up! When you get 5 on your roster, send a ticket to support. We'll play ya guys on Train (week1) or Dust2 (week2) if support allows it.

sC(+)PE posted on 2013-Feb-24 6:46 pm EST:
will do.

Tin Bad posted on 2013-Feb-25 11:16 pm EST:
You will be allowed to make up the ones you missed. We are working out a bug on our end for new teams to make up matches.

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Team W L
i[3] * 3 0
'sWAY 1 1
UNMAKE ' 1 1
=TMNT= 1 2
PathSQ 0 2
ethugs 0 2