TPG Config

TPG Config

The TPG Config has been updated.


  1. Best of 16 rounds. As soon as a team reaches 16 then match will end. No point in dragging out the match when the winner is already determined.
  2. Players record 1 demo for the entire match. You do not need to record a demo for each half.
  3. For now, The rule on Rates will not be enforced. You may play with whatever works best for you. If there is a problem with this in the future we will start to enforce rates.

I am also adding a poll regarding custom maps. If you would like to have  custom maps added to the rotation with default maps or stick with default maps only. The custom maps will be announced at least 1 week prior to the default match day so players will have enough time to learn/install it.


Would you like to see custom maps added to the rotation?

 Yes - Add custom maps with default maps 
 No - Stick with default maps only 
Posted: Sat, Jan 26th at 3:14 pm EST by Tin Bad

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i[3] * 3 0
'sWAY 1 1
UNMAKE ' 1 1
=TMNT= 1 2
PathSQ 0 2
ethugs 0 2