Gaming Mice from SteelSeries

Gaming Mice from SteelSeries

As you know we recently announced the 2 new SteelSeries Ikari mice.


As a follow-up on the release we decided to write a background article on why we decided to enter the mouse market and also to reveal and explain some crucial facts about current claims from mice manufacturers, about their “gaming mice” being produced and optimized directly for gaming.


We claim that the Ikari mice are the first ever to be 100% optimized for gaming.


A couple of previews from the article: “Another problem with today’s laser mice is that they function using image correlation. Meaning that the sensor snaps pictures of the surface, then compares these pictures to determine the movement of the mouse. If the user performs an “advanced movement”, which can include sudden deceleration, mouse movements at a certain angle or something else weird, that couldn’t be programmed into the robotic testing machines, the mouse will either stall or try to “guess” the intended movement. This is not what we consider “gaming grade”. A gamer requires precision and accuracy from his gaming gear – not software that tries to predict and emulate his intended movements. If these “gaming laser mice” had been tested by professional gamers before their release, the test results would have clearly indicated that they weren’t suitable for high level gaming….”  

“When a company mentions DPI in the same sentence as precision, or anything else regarding better tracking, it is simply bullshit. First of all the term DPI (Dots Per Inch) has nothing to do with mice. It’s an expression from the printing world and shouldn’t even be used to describe mouse movement. DPI is meant to describe the fact that for one inch of distance you move your mouse on any surface, the equivalent number of counts are sent to the PC - resulting in movement on your screen. The correct term for this is CPI (counts per inch). You can achieve higher CPI in many ways: By having a larger image, higher sampling rate, better light source quality, adding DSP (Digital Signal Processor) power and having the right algorithm (prediction)….”  

The link to the article is:

Posted: Thu, Sep 13th at 6:49 pm EDT by Miranda

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